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Do ALL members of household want a new pet?     Yes          No

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How many adults are in the household?           Children?             Children’s ages:

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Have you owned any pets in the last five years not listed as current?     Yes          No

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Can your veterinarian verify vaccination history on current or past pets?Yes          No

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Have you relinquished any pets before?     Yes          No             If yes, please explain including to

whom, why and when:

Where will your new pet be kept while you are home?

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In a 24 hour day, how long would the pet be left alone at any given time?

Have you any experience purchasing a kitten?     Yes         No

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Provided?                                  Location of each litter box?

How often is it scooped?                          Changed?                      Cleaned?

Remember, you are applying for a lifetime companion of unparalleled quality and character: are you willing to make the investment in both time and finances (up to $2,000 annually) to care for and properly manage your new pet?     Yes          No

How much time do you need to prepare for your new pet before taking it home?

Would you be willing to allow a representative from A Wild Side Cattery to make a home visit at a mutually agreed upon time?     Yes          No              If no please explain:

We hope that you have thoughtfully considered each of the questions asked. Once again, the purchase of a life-long animal friend should not be impulsive, but rather a carefully made decision which will ensure a loving, lasting relationship. Thank You for taking the time to complete this application!


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