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     Before you decide you would love to have one of these amazing creatures grace your home, there are certain questions you must ask yourself and be prepared to discuss with this cattery:

For the best possible safety of your new savannah, it would be wise for her to be kept away from open doors. Savannahs are very curious, and with her wild nature is bound to want to explore and hunt and run amuck. I have been training them to stay away from doors that open since they were very young, but in a new environment , I'm sure you will need to work on that. I think keeping her as happy as possible indoors will make her want to stay inside, but this will take alot of love, play, excercise and interaction with her. She will need things to call her own to scratch on, to play on, like a cat tree. She will want lots of interactive toys to keep her busy. I would recommend highly letting her have a room of her own to get comfortable at first. They need to acclimate slowly to a new living situation. I tell people to have a nice quite place to put them in with food water and a litterbox, with a dog crate to escape into if she feels threatened. Then , as you gage her reaction, you can introduce new smells and see how it goes.Again these are NOT like regular cats. If you leave them up to their own devices to entertain themselves, you will get an unhappy destructive cat.If you are having any second thoughts about her, please let me know. Its devastating to have to rehome one. I try to educate people on possible risks before they go to a new home. If they get lose, the shelter is the last place you want them to wind up.